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Best Morning Routine, Ever!

Jul 29, 2019

Shawn is the owner of Cali Comfort BBQ restaurant in San Diego, he is a Podcast Host, Digital Hospitality, Sports Entertainment Entrepreneur, BBQ & Tailgating Event Organizer--Shawn catered for the Sand Diego Chargers. Today we discussed: 

1. Entrepreneurship: Turning your Business into a Media Company

2. Digital...

Jul 25, 2019

Sarah is the author of the book, Inside--A guide to the Resources Within. She is a trauma and transformational coach. PTSD is real, y'all! Tune in to today's episode to hear what sparked Sarah's healing journey as we discussed:

  1. Cultivating a calmness inside
  2. Limiting Beliefs
  3. Physical, mental and emotional strength
  4. How...

Jul 22, 2019

Jason is the founder of Break The Web Marketing Agency, a renown digital marketing agency. Today we discuss:

*How Can Businesses Utilize SEO w/ A Small Budget? & How Much Needs To Be Invested in SEO?

*SEO vs. Google AdWords

*Off-Page SEO

*How Google Algorithms Work

*What Are Some Bad SEO Practices? &  What Risks...

Jul 18, 2019

Frank Goodman explains Objectives and key results--a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Frank is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to grow small businesses through strategy, websites and apps. His Company Bleeding Bulb focuses on helping business owners increase Productivity, Sales...

Jul 15, 2019

Solo episode with host Lunide, discussing how our thoughts become things. She outlines the need for a definitive purpose and how to attract what we desire from life First Success Principle: Get a Notebook as indicated by Napoleon Hill--Author of Think and Grow Rich!

Remember to grab your free copy of the book, Think and...